Maintain the distance or how to hook up during quarantine

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The distance

Certainly, in the conditions of a pandemic much of us was necessary to change a way of life sharply. The centers for control and prevention of diseases strongly recommend people to observe a distance to prevent spread of a virus.

Restaurants, bars, shopping centers – practically all institutions in which you could suit a romantic rendezvous are closed for an indefinite term. And even if you and your second half decide to walk in the park, you should go at distance of several steps from each other. Instead of embraces – distancing. And you will manage to have a heart-to-heart talk hardly – it is necessary to shout loudly to hear each other. Hard times came, our everyday life turned over upside down. Whether it means that we have to stop trying completely to arrange private life and to agree to hold a quarantine alone?

Absolutely not.

Here creative approach is necessary.

Good news – your potential partner (for example, the guy or the girl who are not suspecting about your feelings) now, most likely, goes out on dates much less often. And it means that your chances of conquest of heart of darling significantly increase. The competition is reduced – thanks to a coronavirus.

Don’t call your Ex

Any calls, any messages. Neither by e-mail, nor in Instagram, nor somewhere else. Carrier pigeons also should not be touched. Though … And there are exceptions. “Now – the best time to return to the former … You know, it is better to prefer the company of the demon whom you managed to study well. But do not come back to the toxic relations at all. It is better to prefer boredom and isolation”, – Shan Boodram keeping the ” Sexology with Shan Boodram” programs says. “In general, now suitable time to meet with new people and to construct with them the serious relations”, – she adds.

Yes, perhaps you should postpone the first appointment. To meet in favorite bar and to pass on a glass it will also not turn out. But it does not mean that you cannot get acquainted with pleasant people. Perhaps, directly this minute someone, same lonely as you, sits in isolation and dreams of a meeting with you.

Shan Boodram

Polish your online profile

The cafe, bars and gyms become empty. Many institutions are at all closed for an indefinite term. What does it mean? Time to try online acquaintances came. Applications for an online dating now a growing in huge numbers – download everything at once and try. “Online acquaintances allow us to exchange text messages and to communicate by video conference. It is an excellent way to get rid of loneliness and to enjoy communication with people without risk to catch a virus”, – Maria Sullivan, the vice-president of the company says.

Now at you is much more free time. Use him for the good – issue to yourself a beautiful and interesting profile in the application. Organize yourself a house photoshoot – pick up to yourself clothes, do a heap of a selfie. Then select the best pictures and publish them. The quarantine will take place with advantage if instead of panic and gluttony you are engaged in studying of people and their psychology through communication. “In the world of swipe, we so got used to charge-off from people, without having managed to recognize sense them. Perhaps it is worth spending a little time and to give to the person chance to prove?” – Dawoon, the CEO of Coffee Meets Bagel advises Caen. “The less you hurry, the quicker you will construct really standing relations with someone”. Tinder also decided to please the users – they announced temporary refusal of collecting (till April 30). Now all can use earlier paid function and begin communication with the people living outside the home region. So, for example, residents of New York will be able to communicate to Italians. Cultural exchange – it is fine.

Take phone or computer and let’s continue – on search of the “quarantine” partner.

Jasminlive webcam chat


Why not to setup a date using live webcams? Such appointment, of course, very significantly differs from joint visits of cinema or restaurant. But thanks to (or to any other services) you will be able cheerfully to spend time and to know the partner better. You can even watch movies and soap operas together. “Choose the movie which neither you, nor your partner watched yet. Stock up with snacks and enjoy viewing. You will be able to laugh together or to shudder together for fear – depending on the movie which you will choose. After viewing you will be able to exchange impressions” – Sullivan advises. Sullivan also suggests you to play together video games or to be engaged in cookery. Even if both of you have no culinary skills, will be able to laugh at “masterpieces” together. You can organize a competition and prepare the dish new to both of you. That at whom it will turn out the most appetizing will win. What will be received by the winner? It already depends on your imagination.

The Love that can be delivered

Especially hard isolation is given to people who got used to express the love through embraces and other forms of physical contact. What to do if you want to render a courtesy to the person, without endangering at the same time either itself, or him? Use specialized services. First, you can exchange interesting articles (not only on a coronavirus). And then to exchange impressions. Help to update each other at last the summary. Now it is a high time to make it. If you miss darling, arrange him a surprise. You will be able to please the soulmate directly without leaving the house. Please the guy or the girl, having paid delivery of favorite food (pizzas, burgers – anything). Joking apart – you can even order delivery of toilet paper of a premium class. Why not? If your relatives worry, reading news about a pandemic, distract them, having arranged this small surprise. The stress and uneasiness never before and helped nobody.

Toria Malia

Toria Malia (@ToriaMalia) on her Instagram account offered such game to her subscribers; Every day at the same time she published the list of products. Thorium followers were given hour on preparing a dish and to post its photo in the profile. “There are so many cheerful games thanks to which you and your second half will be able to have a good time for hours without a break. You can choose those games which “Two truths and one lie” and “I never” will allow you to understand better each other, for example. Or you can just play charades”, – Sullivan offers. As you can see, everything depends only on your desire and your imagination. Online acquaintances, calls by video conference, as online challenge and express delivery of goodies – choose entertainment on the taste and hold a quarantine with advantage!